Azrael's Tear Wiki

Ulrik is a Viking marauder, who became lost and trapped within the subterranean cave-systems over a thousand years ago whilst taking part in a raid on Scotland. Somehow he survived long enough to migrate with the animals into the more comfortable surroundings of Aeternis. That he survives at all under such conditions is atestament to his abilities as a warrior. Of course the Grailstone has had a part in this, adapting him so that he can see in the dark and adjusting his metabolism to the cold. But he is unaware of this, and simply believes that his surroundings have become lighter and warmer with time. He is of course aware that odd and unnatural things are happening around him, and even to him, but simply puts this down to some act of the Gods. He believes his role is to simply survive until the Gods have finished toying with him, and that then he'll be allowed to go home to his family.[1]

�This simple attitude of accepting circumstances has been the real key to his survival, for there is no real conflict within Ulrik's mind which the Grailstone could exaggerate and distort. If anything, the Grailstone has strengthened these simple beliefs and increased his strengths and abilities as a survivor. Ulrik's attitude is gruff and unfriendly, at least to start with. He is uncomfortably aware that he is a raidertrapped on foreign soll, and may even attack the playeron first sight, believing him to be a Scottish warrior sentinto the cavesto find him. Because of the time distortion, Ulrik believes that he has been underground only about six or seven years. A partnership with him will be difficult to forge as he prefers being alone – but he may join the player for a while if he believes that the successful completion of the Raptor's quest will end his own ordeal.[2]