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Basic Data
OccupationFormer foreman

Tomas was a foreman slave who died in a rockfall shortly before Aeternis was completed. His ghost, along with several minor ghosts, now haunts the Workers' Crypt. The slaves at that time suspected the cruel fate that awalted them, and engineered a daring plan for freedom. As foreman slave, Tomas was able to Orchestrate their secret labours and construct a tunnel, under his master's very nose, that lead directly from the Inner Sanctum to a store room on Level Two. Unfortunately he alone knew the means of opening the entrance to that secret tunnel, and to his eternal rancour that information died with him before his friends could use it. Like all ghosts, he can be found lingering close to his bones in the Crypt, but he is surly by nature and not one to be summoned casually by anyone. The other ghosts may help or hinder the player, but ultimately Tomas himself will not appear unless he wishes to do so. If a player perseveres and wins his confidence, he may disclose the way into the secret tunnel. This can bean immense advantage after stealing the Grail.[1]

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