The Last Communique

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The Last Communique
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DateSeptember, 1307
AuthorTemplar High Command

The Last Communique is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Year of our Lord Septermber 1307
This may be the last communiqu� you receive from us. As you know, we are under treacherous attack. All Templar property is being sequestered and our brotherhood is being arrested and tortured en masse. The ship that delivered this missive was part of a small fleet that will attempt to establish the Order again in Scotland. They, and you are our only hopes for the future. They have been ordered to infiltrate the clan system and the Scottish Freemasons. If successful, they will contact you. Until then you will be alone. I bid you good luck and forward to you the last order from our Grand Master Jacques de Molay before his capture:"Protect and hide the Grail; forever if necessary. One day we will return and we will have need of it."