The Holy Vision of Tobias de Treece

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The Holy Vision of Tobias de Treece
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AuthorTobias de Treece

The Holy Vision of Tobias de Treece is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The Holy Vision of Tobias de Treece
Being the foresight of the terrible fate of mankind as provided by the grace of God to his faithful, everlasting servant Tobias de treece, Commander in Chief of the blessed temple of Aeternis and high priest of the revised Templesein Religion, and of the coming and trials of the holy Thief who will deliver unto the world the holy grail which will be its salvation.
All hail the gift of the Vision.
Chapter XII
I. The eternal brotherhood was born steeped in Crusader blood. In holy Jerusalem they were united by God to swear a life of duty as Knights Templar. The twelve finest of the order, they carried that most sacred relic, the holy grail, through hazardous ways to the safety of France.
II. There, their masters had made bold plans. A sacred house for the grail, Aeternis, was to be cut from the rock of the deep caves where once fell a part of the grailstone tear of Azrael. They did plan for a new religion to guide the world: Templesein. A new order that would be shaped by the wisdom of immortals.
III. And so it was made. But the purpose of God is mysterious indeed, and as the years passed the weight of the grailstone did force change in the twelve holy brothers. Few prospered by these changes; most fell to madness and worse.
IV. This was one test. Another was isolation, for beyond Aeternis, in the hurrying world of men, the Templar order was betrayed and destroyed.
V. Aeternis was sealed and the sacred brotherhood swore to guard the Grail until the Order could rebuild itself and again have need of it.
VI. The Vision again engulfed me in its ferocity. A black pestilence covered all the world, consuming all life. The Egyptians never saw such a plague. The countless dead filled valleys, making hills of flat ground. The earth was too full to take them.
VII. O' Lord, let a few survive at least, I' begged, but went unheard. Despair girdled the Earth as the candlelight of human existence guttered and dimmed.
VIII. Woe upon the world if none will live to mourn the passing of man. Woe upon the world, as hope died and civilizations crumbled into barbarism and final, silent extinction.
IX. Then came the fourth and final sign of the Vision; "the burning sea", the heralding of the coming of the holy thief.
X. And I saw him come forth like a beacon. he strode from the depths, into a darkened world, helding high the Grail of life. Invincible, he drove death before him and guarded those still living who went with joy and pronounced him "Saviour". The death clouds departed, a new day dawned and the world paid homage to the eternal brotherhood who had protected the Grail till its time did come.