The Holy Vision of Hugh de Payens

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The Holy Vision of Hugh de Payens
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DateMay 1136 (vision, subsequent additions unknown)
AuthorHugh de Payens

The Holy Vision of Hugh de Payens is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Founder of the Holy Order of Knights Templar
I here repeat the words written down by monks of the death-bed vision of the first, greatest master of the Order.
"I see Azrael on high. As he was in the earliest days, before God forced the ashes and dirt that we truly are through his fingers. God had made only beasts in that time; strange, disfigured horrors.
I see Azrael in my head. As clear as I see all you gentle men of God here about me.
I see him looking down on a land destined to be ravaged by mankind and weeping in his holy compassion.
He is like the sun; so vast; and his tears falling through the emptiness.
Now I see one of them brought to the earth by the Grace of God, changed to serve as unction for the coming sufferings of man.
I see it falling through the sky, flaming and bursting apart; falling into the earth itself, witnessed only by the witless monsters and myself.
I see him, his wings so vast they are dawn horizon. I see Azrael."
The Lord graced Hugh with this vision and since that blessed day of revelation we have seen the truth of the divinity of the illumination. The caves we have inhabited and chosen as the resting-place for the holies of all relics are peppered with the substance that forms the holy cup, and the beasts Hugh spoke of have survived down here in the grace of Grailstone. We cannot know how many countless ages they have survived.
And in all the world this is not the only place the tear of the Angel came to rest. Evidence of another site was found in Constantinople; though its Grailstone had long since been plundered. But the existence of the site proves the veracity of the theophany in the part concerning the tear "flaming and bursting apart".