Special Order 1597

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Special Order 1597
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AuthorCesar de Treece

Special Order 1597 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Special Order 1597
Highly Classified
Cobweb - As stated in Orders 1210 we must concede the authenticity of Tobias Vision - a calamity will befall humanity of such a scale that only the Grail can save us. This time aproaches rapidly, for the first of four signs has already occurred.
We within the Priur� have decided to assist the Vision in its realisation by ensuring that the foreseen one, the Holy Thief, is punctual in his arrival. To this end we have carefully and slowly fed information to such a thief so that he will discover Aeternis at the appointed time.
We will also issue false letters in his name to instigate action amongst his rivals - to safeguard against his failure. Whichever thief succeeds, we will be waiting. The Grail and Mankind's future will be in our hands. Your role is therefore to assist the thieves in their work and in their escape (we realise you are no longer able to aproach the Grail yourself). We will do the rest.