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Oisin was an Irish poet and a lover of Niamh.


Oisin was a poet, who through unknown means discovered the future site of Aeternis. Back then it was a system of caves, overlaid over an extensive network of ancient tunnels. In the caves, he found Niamh and spent a year with her, teaching her how to read, write, and telling her the history of his people. Then Sasha returned and he left to return to his people. Niamh tried to follow him, but the long years in the caves and the influence of grailstone rendered her vulnerable to sunlight. Oisin left, promising Niamh a reunion in the future.[1][2][3]


  • Although Oisin himself does not appear, the amulet he wore can be found in Niamh's chest in the mine maze. It can be used to ward off Sasha.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Oisin is the second part of a reference to the Celtic myth about Tír na nÓg and was written as such in the design document. Her role was only slightly altered: She was originally a Byzantine tribeswoman, not a Pict, and her ghost would be encountered in the chapel, where the guardians would have interred her.[4]


  1. Niamh: "He is from Errin. He is wondrous. He taught me to read and write and the history of his land. We spent a peaceful year together (sudden fierce jealousy) then my sister returned. She wanted him. She tried to confound his mind. I know it.(becomes sad). Then he left to return to his people. I would have joined him but the sun burnt my eyes. How much longer will I have to wait here>"
  2. Niamh: "(despair)Oh no.(slowly, sadly, she sighs)My name is Niamh. Our tribe gave my sister Sasha and I to the Gods when Sun closed his eye many years ago. (BREAK) It was the greatest honour. People came from a hundred miles. (BREAK) We entered the caves hoping to meet the God Sun himself, but instead we wandered, avoiding the guardians for years. [BREAK) We couldn't go down to the deep realm of Sun for fear of them. (Sighs) I thought Oisin was Sun come at last when he walked into the cave of blossoms. Perhaps you've seen him? He's tall and beautiful. He has long dark hair and beard and a cloak fastened with a shining brooch"
  3. Entry 19
  4. Design document: "Niamh Cinn Oir
    Oisin left his home, met Niamh Cinn Oir and journeyed to Tir Nam Og (the Land of Youth), Timelessness-he stayed 300 years though never aged Returning to Ireland he found:St Patrick and Christianity now had control and, putting his foot upon the earth, lost Tir Nan Og and so aged and died – Celtic myth
    Niamh 'Golden Hair' was a member of the Celtic tribe called the Solenta, who originally came upon the caves of Dunstanburgh about 1900 BC (see History). She was forced into the caves as a human sacrifice by the Druids in a fruitless effort to appease the evil demons within, The Druids kept sending miners into the caves in an attempt to extract the valuable Grailstone, but each expedition was brutally driven back or lost. Eventually and reluctantly the site was abandoned and the Solenta moved on. Deep underground, lost and alone, the beautiful Niamh survived. As mentioned in Celtic mythology, Oisin came upon her several hundred years later in his wanderings. They fell in love, but any attempt to leave the caves made her ill and weak. He turned his back upon the world and joined her in the caves as her lover. When she died tragically several years later, he left and returned to Ireland. He of course died shortly afterwards of old age, terribly alone and astounded that three hundred years had passed in his absence. In 1364 the Guardians came upon her ghost whilst exploring the caves. Touched by her sad beauty they moved her bones above into the holier surroundings of Aeternis. She resides now in the Chapel Minor on Level Two."