Azrael's Tear Wiki

Aeternis is a vast underground facility and even with much of it sealed off or otherwise inaccessible, it remains a very complex area to navigate. This simplified map is intended to help making sense of it all.

If any border of the rectangle touches flat against another rectangle, this means that the two locations are connected.

Level 1[]

The surface level, where the game begins.
Entry corridor Spa room Interview room stairs
(level 2)
Theo chamber Mine maze Mine entrance Dock
Model room
(warp to ziggurat, level 3)
(turns into perilous chapel with 4 shields, connects to grail sanctum)
Baptistry xxxx Well
Tunnel maze
Vestry stairs xxxx
Drain 1
(level 2)
Cloister Vestry Chapel Attack stairs
(to level 2)
Arterial drain
(one-way to level 3)

Level 2[]

Although they lie only slightly deeper than level 1, this section is treated separately as a distinct second chapter.
Interview room stairs
(to level 1)
Interview room
(to level 1)
Vestry stairs
(to level 1)
Drain 5 Dock Sluice gate
Auxiliary dock
Alchemist lab
Attack tunnel Attack stairs
(to level 1)
Cloister Drain 1 Lurka's room
(no transition between D1 and D7)
Drain 7 Sanctuary
Court Gibbets

Level 3[]

The deepest part of Aeternis, where Templar facilities mix with the characteristic dark brick of Byzantine structures. This forms the third "chapter" of the game. Levels 1 and 2 are unreachable until Shield III is acquired.
Shield grotto
Grain silo
Arterial drain Stairs to hypocaust room Hypocaust room
XXXXX Tree maze
Cobweb's lair Kitchen Geffrye's studio
Meat locker

(warp to model room with Shield III, exit from grail sanctum)
Z-C corridor
Cathedral Cathedral pulpit

Ambush room Tunnel junction Fight room Staircase under the altar Grail hall Decision point
Cathedral vestry
Geffrye's exit Waterwheel
Aqueduct Poison gas room Light room
Philip's exit Chimney Malik's lab
(one-way exit to ziggurat)
Chimney exit