Malik's log, 1163

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Malik's log, 1163
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LocationMalik's lab

Malik's log, 1163 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

June 1163: The expeditions into the deep caves have proved intriguing. I am fascinated by the Bizantynes and their religion - to attempt to reshape living things to one's own will! Is this not to mirror God himself?
I will study them throughly to unlock this power. The possibilities are endless. An army of tireless soldiers obeying one strong man. Aeternis could become the heart of an empire.
But these are distant dreams. Tobias has not the vision to imagine them; and the others are as faithful hounds at the hearth, curled round the feet of an intellectual dotard.
I must be patient; wait the right moment.