Malik's lab

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Malik's lab
Maliks Lab.png
MAL LAB2.png
Notable features
ItemsFolio folder
Malik's log, 1163
Malik's log, 1512
Malik's log, 1696
Malik's log, undated
Room number60

Maliks lab is one of the rooms in Aeternis.

Background[edit | edit source]

This old Byzantine chamber was the heart of Malik's little empire and his operations. It is still filled with congealed blood splashed on the walls, arcane books devoted to strange subjects only he could fully grasp and a ton of artefacts that would puzzle and fascinate archeologists for centuries. The most disconcerting elements are remnants of Malik's experiments on theos, including a monstrous half-mechanical, reanimated predator ready to be set loose on Aeternis.

Layout[edit | edit source]

This room contains plenty of lore, casting new light on the history of Malik and his faction, as well as evidence of the monstrous experiments conducted within. To get out, you need to activate the theobot. Use the levers from right to left. Note that once its primed, with spikes out, it will start running around the lab, destroying anything in its path. Activate it, then leg it to an alcove out of its way. It will open a panel in the wall, allowing you to bypass the scorpion tail trap and acquire Malik's folder, and then crash into the door leading to the ziggurat.

Items[edit | edit source]