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Notable features
CharactersTobias de Treece
ItemsTobias' key
The Holy Vision of Hugh de Payens
Entry 1177
Entry 1205
Entry 1269
Entry 2399
Aeternis' Future Role
Room number13

Library is one of the rooms in Aeternis.

Background[edit | edit source]

This grand library was a point of pride for Tobias, who made it his home. Filled with the finest creations of the 13th century and earlier, it is a place full of wonder and history. The walls are adorned with paintings by Geffrye, originals created in Aeternis and completely unrecognizable by anyone outside of the grand Templar complex.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Library is oriented around the central pillar and tables that connect to it. If you are killed by Tallum during the confrontation in the drain, you will awake here and be greeted by Tobias. After he leaves, you can pilfer it freely. Places of note include:

  • The viewing machine, which uses a series of mirrors to allow Tobias to observe what happens within Aeternis, as if using a CCTV camera.
  • The central pillar's listening tubes, which allow for eavesdropping on Tobias and Lurka.
  • The tables, which contain several documents and Tobias' key necessary for opening the grate in drain 5.

Items[edit | edit source]