Letter from Templar High Command, 1264

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Letter from Templar High Command, 1264
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DateOctober, 1264
AuthorTemplar High Command
LocationInterview room

Letter from Templar High Command, 1264 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Year of our Lord october 1264
Regarding your last report, we are indeed alarmed and concerned at the malady that seems to have struck Aeternis and the changes both physical and mental it is wreacking within the guardian knights.
This has obvious repercussions upon our plans. Firstly, we must determine whether the caves hold some ancient illness that you have unwittingly disturbed. Forward more detailed reports immediately and ensure that no-one leaves the temple until this is resolved! Secondly, you are to modify the Watchtower on the wharf so that we may meet you, and see the changes for ourselves in safety. Keep order and report to us when this has been done.