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Cathedral Leo.png
Basic Data
OccupationApex predator
LocationGrain silo
HostilityVery aggressive
WARNING - extremely large saurian detected - species unknown - severe cellular mutation detected - catalyst unknown - optical sensors redundant - creature blind
~ MS-2 helmet

Leos are a type of animal found in Aeternis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Leos are one of the three species of dinosaur that escaped extinction by accidentally wandering into the cave systems millions of years ago. They have adapted perfectly now to life in complete darkness, and have long since lost their eyes. Instead they have gained a large, fan-shaped extended ear which runs along the back of their heads, which allows them to track their prey by sound. They use this ear in conjunction with a complex sonar system which emits high frequency 'blips' from the front of their snouts. A player being tracked by a Leo can actually hear these sonic pings getting louder as the animal zeros in-an unnerving experience.[1]

This very sensitive and efficient system allows the Leos to almost 'see' in the dark, but relies completely on a moving target. By standing still a player can therefore obstruct a Leo, but they are not stupid and will roar and thrash about, hoping to intimidate the prey into moving or running away. But if the player holds their ground the Leo may pass them by. A player can also escape by firing on and damaging the large frilled ear at the back of their heads, but unfortunately this requires the animal to be quite close. Their sense of smell has also become much more attuned, and this is usually how they begin to hunt.[2]

Skin colour and markings are of no importance in the dark, so their skins have lost their pigmentation, becoming almost transparent. A full-grown Leo stands about four metres high. Thankfully they are small in number.[3]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Otherwise known as the manticora, the leo is a vicious apex predator. Two are encountered in the game and can/need to be killed. The one in the cathedral can be killed by entering the crypt and approaching the fenced-in knight relief. The one in the grain silo can be killed with the arterial drain mill stone.

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