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We were told to watch him carefully. He is a truly dedicated and dutiful knight. A possible threat to our mission
~ Mikhail

Guy of Bramley (? - 1763) was a Guardian in Aeternis.


One of the twelve elite Guardians appointed to safeguard the Holy Grail, Guy was a veteran of Templar campaigns, gaining renown in the order. His key achievement was the Battle of Corinth, where together with Tallum he stood against Saracen warriors, outnumbered greatly. They felled a hundred warriors and routed another two hundred with their achievements. Their prowess made them a natural choice for being the Guardians of the Grail. Under Tobias de Treece, Guy descended down into Aeternis, beginning the long vigil. Guy was as affected by the grailstone as the rest of the Guardians, but the psychological changes were subtler. Rather than affect his negative emotions and exacerbating mental problems, grailstone increased his bravery and zeal[1]

As such, Guy remained a true, honorable knight, a lone candle flashing in the darkness of Aeternis. He treated all fairly, including Lurka, the unfortunate Galician slave taken for service in Aeternis.[2] When Malik rebelled against Tobias, Guy remained loyal and fought against him with Tobias - to the point of pursuing the fallen Templar into the outside world.[3] Locked out of Aeternis by Tallum, his closest friend,[4] he died as the centuries began to pour into his body without grailstone.[5]

Meanwhile, the young Vincent the Innocent was blamed for Tallum's crimes and executed for Guy's death.[6] Still, Guy would serve another purpose: His testament would be used as bait for Raptors to come to Aeternis and attempt to retrieve the Holy Grail...[7]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Guy was originally named Richard. The name was later changed, apparently in reference to Richard Guy.[8]


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