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Grain silo is one of the rooms in Aeternis.


An ancient, disused grain silo constructed by the Byzantines. Now it's only the home to a leo trapped at the bottom and a hub for much of the lower Aeternis.


This is a vast, vaulted chamber. The lower floor is accessed by falling in from the arterial drain or off the walkways above. To get back up, use the winch-operated elevator (call it down using the button of the wall if you left it up). The leo can be eliminated permanently using the milling stone at the drain. Exits along the rim of the room lead deeper into Aeternis. Most importantly, the elevator can be taken further up from the walkways, to the shield grotto, where shield III is located.

The silo can be flooded, either by using its model in the model room or after reaching the decision point. Jack will appear and help you get across the damaged walkways, but unfortunately, Sasha prowls here and will eat the poor Scotsman. However, you will be free to reach the other side after distracting the monster with an inkwell, Oisin's amulet, or aqua fortis.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The room is referred to as execution room in the game's files.