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The Holy Grail, fashioned out of a single, one-kilogram piece of grailstone recovered by Indo-Aryan tribes circa 2000 BC.

Grailstone is the name of a luminous alien rock that arrived on earth during the Mesozoic era, 150 million years BCE. Brought on a medium-sized meteorite, grailstone was deposited at two sites after it broke apart in the Earth's atmosphere: On the northern edge of the British Isles, in Wick, Scotland, and in the Bosporus Strait, Istanbul, Turkey. It has many strange properties, exhibited depending on the concentration of grailstone.[1]


The most noticeable effect of grailstone is that it accelerates and improves the body's natural healing processes, resulting in immunity to aging or sickness and rapid healing of wounds. It also modifies the metabolism of the affected organism, reducing the need for food. Finally, the organism in question gains the ability to readily adapt to changing environmental conditions, through cellular mutation.[1] The effect is most readily noticeable in wild animals that came under the effect of grailstone, such as eugenes, theos, and leos; ancient dinosaurs that survived the extinction of their kind thanks to their habitats below ground and rapidly adapted to their new environment. Humans are affected as well, as discovered by the Templar guardians, whose eyesight rapidly adapted to the darkness of Aeternis.[2]

Other effects are more subtle and less beneficial, as grailstone affects the mind as well as the body. Depending on the person, it might heighten intelligence and the capacity to learn. It might also increase aggression, anxiety, and otherwise exacerbate any demons a person might possess. Ultimately, it may lead to a variety of psychological disorders: Delusions, schizophrenia, paranoia, and other.[3][4] As time goes by and exposure to grailstone in its raw form accumulates, the body might be affected as well, as is the case with Tallum Broadhand: A bona fide giant, permanently bound to the armor and possessed of unnatural musculature far beyond anything a human should - or can - have.[5] On the opposite end of the spectrum is Lurka, a particularly affected ancient Spaniard, reduced to a hunched-over, creeping monstrosity.[6]

In extreme cases, grailstone can also affect death. At its most basic, grailstone can simply prevent the affected organism from expiring - unless mauled, incinerated, or otherwise mutilated, the body will spontaneously regenerate and come back to life.[7] The effect can be deliberately exploited with malicious intent: Malik's experimentation with grailstone led to the creation of an undead monstrosity out of Sir Claude Lancet, impossible to kill.[8]

Even irreparable damage to the body doesn't preclude revival (resurrection, if you will), as grailstone will preserve the consciousness of the victim and make them return as a ghostly apparition. The longer this "ghost" remains in Aeternis, the more visible it will become, as is the case with long-dead Vincent the Innocent and Niamh. Those who died recently will typically be invisible, like Colin Scott. In general, the more traumatic the death, the greater the chance of one becoming a ghost.[9]

The effects of grailstone can be tied to the distortion field it creates, which affects more than just metabolism. It also causes time dilation: As the concentration of grailstone increases, the slower time seems to pass. [10]


Grailstone does not have to be ingested for it to have an effect. Mere proximity suffices for the effects to manifest, taking about six years within Aeternis,[11] even if the grailstone is dispersed.[12] As the concentration of grailstone increases, the effects become more pronounced. The Holy Grail is the largest known piece of grailstone, making it the most powerful manifestation of the alien rock - and is so powerful that it affects any sort of liquid placed within it, imbuing it with a diluted form of grailstone benefits. However, even in its diluted form, the Grail can heal even the most grevious of wounds, remove any kind of disease, and effectively halt aging. Anyone seeking this benefit needs to drink from the cup regularly - from several weeks to every day. The Priory at New Jerusalem seems to vary the frequency of drinking depending on the social standing of the drinker.[13]

Such concentrations of grailstone are rare, however. It took 600 years for the Knights to excavate 8 kilograms of grailstone from the caves beneath Aeternis, with the amount lost to Malik following the purge of his court.[14][15]

Notably, continued exposure to grailstone is necessary for its effects to apply. Anyone removed from the distortion field will inevitably suffer, the severity of the suffering depending on the amount of time spent within the field. Sir Guy of Bramley, for instance, after entering the outside world after 600 years of isolation perished within months, suffering accelerated aging. Geffrye of Bayeux, on the other hand, would rapidly turn to ash after being deprived of grailstone, after nearly 900 years of exposure.[16]


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