Father Dunstan

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Father Dunstan
Father Dunstan.png
Basic Data
OccupationFormer clergyman

Father Dunstan befriended and nursed Richard of Bramley through his final days in Embleton in 1763. He also recorded Richard's last will and testament, and his very specific instructions for burial. He therefore learned all about Aeternis and the holy treasure that lay waiting there, ready for a brave and righteous soul to bring back into the service of mankind. He was sure that he was the man for the job and that God was on his side. Armed with his simple faith, asturdy walking stick, some supplies and plenty of candles he descended into Aetermis. He lasted less than an hour – a Theo took his life on the western side of Level One. Father Dunstan's ghost is warm and friendly, but of little help to a player who can do little more than take up his kind offer of helping himself to his food, water and candles. [1]

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