Entry 785

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Entry 785
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DateSeptember, 1307
AuthorTobias de Treece

Entry 785 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Entry 785
September, Year of our Lord 1307 AD.
Today has been a day of gross perfidy - sailors aboard the Cirrus(one of the two ships that arrived yesterday) showed themselves to be agents intent on murder and theft!
After killing their fellow crewmen and scuttling one ship, they attempted to reach the holiest treasure! They were captured by swift Philip when the alarm was sounded. They will now be questioned and then executed.
I smell the Prieur� behind this attempt.They will have no second chance. I have ordered the harbour sealed and the doorways blocked and concealed.
We will watch and wait for our brothers above-ground to establish themselves.