Entry 1502

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Entry 1502
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AuthorTobias de Treece
LocationTheo trap

Entry 1502 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Entry 1502
November, Year of our Lord 1763 AD.
It is the day after the purge of Malik's Court, and this morning, we entered a charnel house. As suspected, Malik had revived the religion of Maal and had been using its secrets to produce horrific distortions of life.
Amongst the horrors we found the mindless, living remains of brother Claude. No attempt to end his misery succeeds. We can do naught but bury him in the crypt. Malik himself has escaped justice. he is clearly evil and I fear for the world above.
I will order the rooms sealed and may their terrible secrets rot within. The questioning of the other rebels begins tomorrow.