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Entry 1501 is a document in Azrael's Tear.


Entry 1501
November, Year of our Lord 1763 AD.
At last I have been able to act!
For too long that Satanic chancrous sore Malik festered within his pathetic miniature empire. His temerity even extended to laying claim to be the true commander of Aeternis. An Aeternis that thanks to him resounds to the call of loosed beasts from the lower caves.
We remaining good and true knights feel we will never sleep again after encountering the horrors of that place. The perfidy of the ressurrection of the Ancient Byzantine religion of Maal with its pagan sacrificial offerings and disgusting ceremonies should ensure his place in eternal hell.
He was extracting Grailstone and using it, and the freedom it offered, to lure more of my knights to his side. He was not only endangering my position, but the destiny of the Vision itself.
Philip came to me and offered his assistance in flooding his area with poison gas. This we did to great effect, capturing his followers without loss or injury to ourselves.
Regrettably, the arch Daemon himself escaped, using the Grailstone he had mined earlier to safely flee the Temple. Guy pursued him and has not returned. I fear he may be lost to us.
Tomorrow the questioning begins. I will purge his evil from the temple.