Entry 1177

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Entry 1177
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DateMarch, 1600
AuthorTobias de Treece

Entry 1177 is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Entry 1177
March, Year of our Lord 1600 AD.
My earlier entry (number 887) mentioned the discovery of a vast Byzantine chamber in which Grailstone had been used to produce lush fruits and vegetables. Our restoration of these time-ravaged pastures has long been useful for re-stocking our much depleted storage vaults.
Unfortunately the whole area has become structurally unstable, to the extent that we can do little to prevent its imminent collapse. However, our reduced food requirements (due to the effects of Grailstone) means another few months harvest will fulfil our needs for several decades (Theos will continue to supply our meat).