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Dock Tempest.png
Notable features
Room number70

Dock is one of the rooms in Aeternis.

Background[edit | edit source]

This massive, crumbling pier is all that remains of Aeternis' primary wharf. The derelict Tempest is still anchored here, with the poor Mikhail dangling from the rigging and the cargo below still mostly intact.

Layout[edit | edit source]

This is one area divided in two halves. The Tempest can only be accessed by first opening the gates from the ground level using the lever near the opening leading to the interview room. Then, you have to use the mine cart at the mine head to ride to the ship. It's a one-way trip, however: Once you get back from the ship, the cart's disabled permanently.

The dock is crucial in gaining access to other areas of Aeternis, however, as it enables one to reach the alchemist lab and retrieve the aqua fortis, necessary to reach shield II there.

Items[edit | edit source]