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Colin Scott (?-2012) is the discoverer of Aeternis, manipulated by the Priory of Sion and led to its location by a carefully placed trail of breadcrumbs.[1] Once he penetrated Aeternis, the Priory sent out letters in his name to other Raptors, to increase the chance any one of them would be able to reach the Grail. As for Colin, though he acquired the last shield and narrowly escaped being shot by Warren in the Ziggurat chamber, he was killed by a rigged portculis that cleaved him in half. Ouch.[2]


  • Scott will chat you up once you pick Shield IV up. If you don't point out the rather obvious fact that he's dead to him, he can divulge quite the amount of information.


  1. Special Order 1597
  2. Colin Scott: "Letter. What letter. My God. How many of you are down here? (BREAK) I knew it. My God. I thought maybe, I was being guided. Everything I looked for was right there waiting for me. And then when I heard about this test. (BREAK) What a fool. Listen, I've been manipulated. And so have you. I sent no letter."