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Claude Lancet (?-1765) is an undead Guardian encountered in Aeternis.


Claude Lancet was one of the twelve elite Templars selected for the Aeternis project for his skill in combat. Little is known of him, save for the fact that he and William Oakenshield came to blows as the grailstone slowly twisted their minds.[1] It is known that he grew increasingly dissatisfied with Tobias' rule and joined Malik's cult of Maal, swearing fealty to him and partaking in the various debauched practices.[2] Claude's dedication seemed to be absolute, as he was the first test subject upon which Malik tested Tallum's grailstone augmentation procedure,[3] unsuccessfully. The experiment backfired (or did it?), turning the once virtuous Christian knight into a flayed, disemboweled monstrosity kept alive by the grail. With blades for arms, Claude was a terrifying sight to behold and absolutely impossible to kill. Tobias decided to inter him in the crypt beneath the cathedral, after all attempts to end his misery failed.[4]


  • Claude can be found locked in the coffin in the crypt. He plays little role in the story, unless the player approaches the Jacques relief behind the bars. The Leo above will grow curious and attempt to look into the crypt, slipping and falling inside. It dies on impact, but its bulk destroys the coffin and releases poor Claude. He is later encountered in the fight room, confronting Tallum Broadhand - and then attacking him, causing both to fall into the chasm and perish.