Captain Ethleridge

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Captain Ethleridge
Basic Data
BackgroundEnglish sailor
OccupationNaval captain
LocationGibbet room

Captain Ethleridge was the Captain of the naval frigate Dependable and disappeared from human history on the 9th November 1863. On shore leave at his home near Dunstanburgh he told his wife he was going for a walk along the cliffs – and never came back. It was presumed that he fell into the sea and was drowned. His military training and natural resourcefulness have kept him alive, but he is utterly bewildered by Aeternis and its inhabitants. However, his stiff and stalwart Victorian mind has put all of this aside as sheer poppycock and rubbish, which he and the Royal Navy will put to right if only he could find his blasted way out of this infernal place. Behind his pragmatic nature he is in fact a kind and gentleman, eager for news and conversation. He believes that he has been underground only about two months, so he will have questions about outside (1863) world affairs which the player will find difficult to answer – unless he is of course completely honest with him upfront. He has also found a sword within Aetermis, which he knows how to use and which makes him good company in a fight. He has met Ulrik, found him vulgar and now avoids him.[1]

His picture in the design documents is that of Danish Author H.C Andersen. [2]

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