Azrael's Tear Wiki

Baptistry is one of the rooms in Aeternis.


This ancient baptistry has an interesting story. With a complex network of optics running throughout the room, combined with the mirrored layout, it was used by Tobias to uphold the Baphomet persona and trick others into believing that they were experiencing a revelation from the Almighty himself. Long abandoned, its baptismal fonts are filled with stagnant water and the room itself is crumbling.


The baptistry has a mirrored layout, with an additional tapestry in the rear, mirrored room. To solve its puzzle and acquire Shield I (in case you broke the block key by using the crusher), you need to do the following:

  1. Set the pipes at the well as they are shown on the diagram above the water pool in the rear room.
  2. Complete the tapestry (two pieces are found in the baptistry, the third in the mine maze near Lincoln.
  3. Take the prism from the water pool you drained by executing step one.
  4. Use the prism on the baptismal font in the tapestry room.
  5. Use the prism.


  • Tapestry: On the ground and up on the walkway.
  • Shield I: In the alcove opened by solving the puzzle.