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The turn of the century brought incredible upheaval across the globe. Massive tectonic upheavals have reshaped the world and with it, the perception of humankind's place in history. The shifting of the land and global reduction of sea level revealed new archaeological sites, remnants of previously unknown, strange cultures, and stranger secrets they possessed. You are a Raptor, a modern-day grave robber, plunderer, and thief, who follows the trail of Christianity's most revered artifact - the Holy Grail - to an underground citadel of the fallen Templar Order.

What secrets does this long forgotten Aeternis hold? Who still lives within its walls? Why would the Grail be buried in such a remote part of the globe?

The MS-2 helmet survived the fall into Aeternis intact. Its systems are online. Time to make a living, thief.

Timeline · Raptor · Aeternis · Grailstone · Templar Order · Priory of Sion · Byzantines · Setting
The People

Claude Lancet · Edgar the Axe · Ewatt of Cloyes · Geffrye of Bayeaux · Guy of Bramley · Malik · Odro the Raven · Philip de Beauvais · Tallum Broadhand · Tobias de Treece · Vincent the Innocent · William Oakenshield


Lincoln · Kurt Thyssen · Colin Scott · Warren · Jason Cain


Lurka · Jack Sinclair · Niamh · Sasha · Oisin


Map of Aeternis · Azrael's Tear walkthrough


Dinosaurs: Eugene, Theo, Leo · Scorpion


MS-2 helmet · MS-7 Sniper · Elephant gun


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