Aeternis' Future Role

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Aeternis' Future Role
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DateAugust, 1193
AuthorTemplar High Command

Aeternis' Future Role is a document in Azrael's Tear.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Year of our Lord august 1193
In answer to your repeated enquiries, we can now release to you some limited information about Aeternis future role and the Order's plans in general. This is of course of the utmost secrecy. Aeternis has been designed and built to provide a new basic form of Christian religion for the civilised world. A religion based on the Templar tradition which, with the aid of Grailstone and its many powers, will enable us to overthrow the present religious dictadorship.
The financial benefits are obvious. Aeternis will be a repository for the Grail, a continuing source of Grailstone and a school for a new order of immortal priests. Your role is to prepare the temple and protect the Grail, until this plan is fully instigated.